Wilton Park

Inland Homes have submitted an application for outline planning permission on the Wilton Park site. This can be examined on the SBDC planning website. (warning it runs to 181 documents) and search using reference 17/01763/OUT. Click here to view 

Below is a SUMMARY of the Society position and our call to action:  PLEASE SHARE

To see our full response, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Email your views to planning@southbucks.gov.uk    ASAP (closing date yet to be confirmed)

Quote ref 17/01763/OUT

Use your own words and ideas (don’t copy verbatim); objections could include:

  • The development includes no affordable housing or payment in lieu.

  • The requirement for affordable housing is specified in the Wilton Park SPD which was produced in collaboration with the developer and should be observed.

  • The footprint of the development exceeds the existing footprint.

  • The openness of the Green Belt is adversely impacted.

  • In the round, the development is far bigger than existing.

  • Over-development on Green Belt land.

  • No viability statement has been provided for public scrutiny.

  • Adverse impact on school places, health care, commuters, traffic and parking.

  • Lack of detail regarding measurements of floor space and heights.

  • Lack of detail regarding public access to the estate.

  • Breaches the principles of the Wilton Park SPD.

  • It is not sustainable development and breaches the NPPF.

To see our full response, Click here


Wilton Park
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