How to Respond

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FINAL CRITICAL stage - Local Plan Consultation - please act NOW!


  •  Strict Deadline midnight Friday 19 July   
  • Every adult household member should comment separately 
  • Must use your own words 
  • SBDC plan 2 “Drop Ins” 

2 drop ins

Organised by the District Council -

Monday 17 June Wednesday 19 June, details here

Ways to respond to the Local Plan Consultation

There are three ways, using on-line consultation web-site, using on-line forms or form/letter by post:

1. This is the link to the on-line consultation web-site (there are 2 consultations, Community Infrastructure Levy and the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan -  be careful to respond to the right one i.e the Local Plan):

OR 2. use these on-line forms (one for Local Plan and one for commenting on its sustainability):

OR 3. post (or scan and e-mail) attached Local Plan postal form and Sustainability Assessment postal form (or just write a letter) to: Local Plan/CIL Submission, Planning Policy, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham, HP6 5AW

The strict deadline is midnight on 19/7/19. Extended to 23/8/2019. Every adult in your household should respond separately so that the biggest possible number of objections is submitted. Don't be put off by the nature of the forms - you can use simple language or even just write a letter. What matters is that as many people as possible write in to object, every adult in your household.

What to say?

You should use your own words but key words to use in your submission should include:

  • The Plan is unsound

  • The Plan is not effective

  • The Plan is not positively prepared

  • The Plan is not consistent with National Policy

  • The Plan is not legally compliant

You could expand by mentioning:

  • No exceptional circumstances have been established for Beaconsfield green belt release

  • Beaconsfield green belt should not be released (Policy number SP BP9)

  • Government housing need figures are inaccurate

  • Infrastructure issues

  • Traffic congestion

  • Schools, doctors and hospitals under strain

  • No local A & E

  • Drainage and flooding problems

  • Threat to wildlife and ancient woodland on our green belt

  • Brownfield land should be developed first

  • Adverse impact on Conservation Area and heritage assets

  • Green Belt should be protected as stated in the National Planning Policy Framework

  • Inadequate consultation by Council especially in relation to Alton's car park becoming a retail site and Jordans being removed from green belt and Penn being a designated infilling village

  • Lack of response by Council to previous consultation submissions

  • Insufficient alternative sites considered by Council

  • Beaconsfield Option 9 (land to East of Beaconsfield) is not a sustainable location - it's too far away from the town centre so more traffic would be generated

  • No established need for offices on our green belt

  • Disproportionate and unsustainable amount of development proposed for Beaconsfield

Thanks for reading to the end and for your support.

This is the last chance to stop Beaconsfield changing forever.