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If you share our concerns that SBDC is "minded" to approve a Local Plan that releases Green Belt around Beaconsfield that would see:

1600 new dwellings, 4800 extra people, 3200 extra car

1300 more communters on already crowded trains

Traffic and parking nightmares

Double existing office and commercial space

Additional Primary school (only) provision when 350 houses built

and a Travellers site

Help us challenge the loss of Beaconsfield Green Belt with expert analysis and argument not emotion and hope. This is expensive, Chesham have raised £25k and Bourne End £120k for their fighting funds, we can match that Beaconsfield! We estimate that £75k maybe needed so please consider giving perhaps, the equivalent of a good night out £50? An hour of Barrister time £150? or the costs of a campaign meeting £500? or whatever you can spare. 

Don't think others will do this, we need 750 people to give an average of £100 each to reach our target. We believe the recommendations are flawed and we have no better time to prove it than NOW!

There are plenty of ways to donate, pick one to suit you:

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SEND TO: The Treasurer TBS SOGB, 6 Copperfields, BEACONSFIELD, HP9 2NS


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