Save Our Green Belt - What happens next

We have been over-whelmed by your messages of thanks and support for our Save Our Green Belt campaign. The dead-line has now passed for submissions/objections to the Local Plan and its' proposed release of 111 hectares of fields for development on the east side of our town.

There will be a wait for the next stage to start but the process is summarised below:

  • The Council sends the Local Plan responses to the planning inspectorate.
  • The Planning Inspector will consider all Local Plan responses.
  • The Inspector sets the Council some initial questions. Usually no responses are required from participants.
  • In some cases an exploratory meeting is needed, particularly if the Inspector has serious concerns very early in the process. These can often deal with a single fundamental issue, and if the Inspector is not satisfied then often they will ask the plan to be withdrawn.
  • Once the Inspector has all the information necessary, they will then set out their "Matters Issues and Questions" (MIQs) and these will form the basis of the examination hearings. The hearings are usually split by topic: such as legal compliance, housing need, housing supply, approach to Green Belt, etc. Hearings for the main issues usually last at least one day each; it is not un-common for legal compliance and housing need sessions to last two days each. We want our QC and the relevant experts to be present to represent all of us at the hearings. 
  • Once the hearings are complete, we will know if the Local Plan can be found sound with modifications or if it should be withdrawn.
  • If modifications are required, then these will go out for a 6 week consultation and usually there will be another hearing after that to consider the modifications.
  • If all of that is acceptable, then the Inspector will produce a report, so that the Council can adopt the Plan.
  • Then there is a period of time for legal challenge if necessary.

Over the coming months, we will be continuing our fund-raising to cover the costs of these next stages and if you haven't done so already, you can still sign the petition/mandate on our web-site at

You can still donate via just giving at or via our website at

If you would like to help with our fund-raising events, please do get in touch.

Very many thanks, The Save Our Green Belt Team at The Beaconsfield Society