Wilton Park Affordable Homes Viability

A Developer may claim that his proposed development fails to deliver an acceptable level of profit (17.5%) and as such become exempt from the need to conform to the local planning policy to include 40% affordable housing on the site OR make a financial contribution in lieu.

Inland Homes have made such a claim. Our reasoned argument prepared by Alison Wheelhouse can be found on the link below. The Wilton Park site was released from Green Belt and the development brief made it clear that affordable housing policies were to be followed.

If the site is not viable, no affordable housing will be provided and the "exceptional circumstances" necessary for releasing Green Belt disappear. I trust our Planning Officers and Committe at SBDC will spot the apparent fallacy.

Does anyone believe that a 102 acre site with 350 dwellings in the most expensive market town in the country cannot deliever a hefty profit? It doesn't say much about the Inland Homes scheme if that is really the case! 

To see the full objection letter Click Here

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