BeacTech for Schools

The Beaconsfield Society has teamed up with The Beaconsfield School to launch a new project to help with remote learning whilst we are in the grip of this pandemic.

You may be aware from the news that schools are suffering from a distinct shortage of laptops to allow remote learning.  Although the Department for Education is providing more laptops and tablets to schools to help children and families access remote education during COVID-19, the Government cannot get the equipment out to schools fast enough.

This is where the Beaconsfield community could help.  If you should have an old laptop that is not being used, or work for a company which has a redundant laptop and it is in working order, please can you donate it to our local schools?  It is so important that we give our children the best start in life and this virus has been such a major disruption to our schools and our children’s ability to learn.

Would you be able to give an old laptop or tablet a new home that could really help with a child’s education?

Below is the basic specification we require any laptop should have: 

  • Quad core processor

  • At least 4GB memory

  • At least 64GB storage

  • Wireless – at least 802.11ac standard

  • Built in webcam and microphone

  • 11.6” to 14” screen for portability (but no greater than 15.6” else far too unwieldy to be portable)

  • Reasonable battery life (ideally long enough to last a typical school day of use)

  • Charging cable

We appreciate used devices may not meet all the above points, so really anything along these lines would be welcome, even if it does not necessarily tick all the boxes. Battery life may not be very long on used devices, which is to be expected.  The school’s IT Department will be able to wipe any old data from the device, so it is safe for a child to use.

Please email the Beaconsfield Society on and we can supply you with instructions on how to drop off the computer at the school.  Because of COVID-19, we would ask that you do not go to the school without making an appointment first.

Many thanks for your help if you can do so.