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Help us to challenge the loss of Beaconsfield Green Belt with expert analysis and argument, not emotion and hope.

We are currently awaiting a date for the next Hearing which is specifically focused on whether the Councils have complied with their Duty to Co-operate with neighbouring Councils. If the Council succeed in convincing the Inspectors that the Duty to Cooperate has been met, there would then be up to two further hearings: one on the overall ’soundness’ of the plan, and finally one on specific policies such as the Beaconsfield Green Belt. We have strong arguments to field at all hearings and our advisors are confident in our case.

Thank you so much to the more than 1,000 supporters who have donated to the campaign so far. You can see an update here on the costs so far of the specialist advice which you have helped to fund (in addition to the unpaid time of the Save Our Green Belt team of volunteers). Once we know what hearings will be required we can assess the potential costs of these and whether further fundraising is needed.

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Winning this battle is expensive but achievable - thank you Beaconsfield! 

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