Vision for Beaconsfield

In 2015, a number of members of the Society were heavily involved in producing a report on the future of the Town. The report can be found using the links below:

The content of the V4B report was used to produced the Beaconsfield Council Town Plan 2017-21

V4B Report

V4B Appendices

Transport Appendices

Community Appendices Binder1

Local Economy Appendices

Environmental Appendices Binder2

V4B General Appendices

The history of V4B – Vision for Beaconsfield

We are a group of Beaconsfield residents, community leaders and business owners who have come together to think about what the town might be like in the future and what we can do to achieve this.

We want to hear from as many people in the town as possible to find out what is important to you and what would make Beaconsfield an even better place to live.

Lots of towns across the country have undertaken similar town plan projects and the results have been far-reaching – some towns have started up community cinemas, local food festivals and town heritage trails while others have safeguarded important local facilities and created new open spaces.

We can’t promise to achieve every aspiration that we all have, but we can do our best to come together as a community and consider what is most important to us and where resources would be best spent.

The Vision for Beaconsfield is supported by the Town Council together with Buckinghamshire County Council who are funding the work and are supporting the Steering Group comprising local residents to start things moving and oversee the process. We are keen that everyone has an opportunity to get involved so if you would like to join the steering group, please contact us.

We will be talking to as many groups in and around the town as possible and encouraging people to put forward their views and opinions along the way.

The aim will be to unveil a set of recommendations on improvements and project ideas that have community backing.  But we don’t want to produce a document that will simply sit on the shelf. We will be looking to identify who might be best placed to deliver the recommendations, sources of funding to assist this, and when activities might be achieved by.

We hope that by collating our shared priorities for the town, we will inform and influence those in a position to deliver services and activities in the town.  In addition, we as a community might find projects that we ourselves can take forward to improve the town for everyone.

Our timescale is fairly tight as we would like to have a set of recommendations ready for the incoming local councillors after the elections in May as we feel that the work will helpfully guide their aims and objectives.

We expect though that this will be just the beginning of the dialogue between the different parts of our community and want the conversation to continue beyond May.



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