Housing need calculation petition

Our Chair and local Councillor Alison Wheelhouse has set up a Petition to Parliament to make the way local housing need numbers are calculated more accurate. The Government’s current method results in the real number of homes needed being increased by around 50%. When making the new Bucks Local Plan, if the Council uses the Government’s method, which means looking for land for more homes than are needed, then this creates an unnecessary pressure to develop Green Belt. Please sign the Petition here and share far and wide:

If 10,000 signatures are received, the government will reply and at 100,000 signatures the topic may be debated in the House. So, please support this, to help save our Green Belt and treasured landscapes across the country. Everyone in your household can sign, and this is a national approach so please share with family and friends elsewhere too.

Have a look at this video which explains how housing need is currently calculated:


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