Boundary changes affecting Beaconsfield - deadline Monday 4 April

Deadline Monday 4th April to respond to electoral boundary changes affecting Beaconsfield
The Boundary Commissions are continuing their 2 consultations into where new local electoral boundaries should be drawn AND where the Parliamentary constituency boundary should be drawn. Both consultations end on MONDAY 4th APRIL.
Local Council Ward Boundaries – affects who you can vote for in local council elections
Currently the Old Town is divided in two, with the area south of the A40 actually lying in Gerrards Cross Ward and represented by Gerrards Cross Councillors. You may prefer to see the town unified by the current consultation.
The number of Bucks Councillors will be reduced from the current 147 to 98, which may mean that in future Beaconsfield will have 2 Bucks Councillors representing us rather than 3 as at present. The Boundary Commission is seeking views on where electoral boundaries should be drawn and you may wish to respond with your views on whether you would like to see ALL of the Old Town included with the rest of Beaconsfield in one ward, rather than (as currently) part of the Old Town forming part of the Gerrards Cross ward. You may also have views on whether the current ward boundary line running across Seeleys Estate/Penn Road/Disraeli Park is the best boundary line or whether all of Seeleys estate, Sandelswood estate and Knotty Green should form part of the same ward as Beaconsfield (currently they are represented by Penn Councillors).
You can respond to the Boundary Commission's LOCAL COUNCIL WARD CONSULTATION on-line by using this link:
Or simply send them an e-mail to
You may wish to say that the proposal divides the Old Town into two and separates the parish church of St. Mary’s, the Rugby Club, Cricket Club, Market and half the Conservation Area from the rest of the town.
Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries  - affects which MP candidates you can vote for
Confusingly, the Boundary Commission is also currently consulting on where the parliamentary constituency boundary should be. The proposal is that Beaconsfield north of the A40 (so not all of the Old Town or Wilton Park) should join the Chesham and Amersham Parliamentary Constituency. Again, this would split parts of the Old Town and Wilton Park off from the rest of the Town and the town would have 2 different MPs. The proposed boundary is shown at the foot of this e-mail. Again, you may wish to see the town unified into the new constituency so that the Old Town is not divided into two and ALL of Beaconsfield including the whole of Seeleys estate, Sandelswood estate and Knotty Green are included in the same new constituency.
You can respond to the PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUENCY CONSULTATION here before the deadline of Monday 4th April: