More plans to build on our green belt

You may be aware that The Portman Estate has put in a speculative development application (PL/21/3151/OA) for land between the A355 Amersham Road and the relief road that leads to Wilton Park and the Pyebush Roundabout - this is not a reworking of the Wilton Park estate, it is a new developer and a new development called 'Beeches Park'.
The proposal is to develop the fields into 450 homes plus some community buildings.  
At this stage, this is only an application and is not approved, but the developers have set up websites and promotional materials online and are contacting residents directly. Please remember that any comments made to those websites will not be registered with the considering council authorities.  The application has been 'called in' to the Southern Area Planning Committee by two local Councillors so will be considered in December for a decision, but this date might well slip.  
However, consultation with residents is open now until October 10th 2021 - so if you want to object then you should do so through the Buckinghamshire Council process as only objections raised there will be considered. You can do this in two ways:

1. Online via the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal, search for reference PL/21/3151/OA: 
2. Email quoting reference PL/21/3151/OA and including your name and address

There is much to challenge in this application, but for now you merely need to object with your thoughts that this is Green Belt land which still performs its purpose as Green Belt and should not be developed - nothing more is required. 

The Beaconsfield Society is preparing its own response to this development and has already met with the developers to hear their side of the story. We are also working with the Town Council on a coordinated response and strategy if needed.
We have appointed some advisers to assist with our work from the donations we received from the fight against the Local Plan and we plan to vigorously oppose this development which, despite a lot of spin and marketing promotion, is still merely about removing a huge amount of greenspace primarily to benefit the developers and not the town.  

We plan to keep you fully informed as this plan develops to the next stage and will share all our advice along the way so the town can protect the limited Green Belt - a valuable resource, as the pandemic taught us.
We will be promoting this on our social media channels - please encourage your friends and family to object too.