SBDC/CDC pass plan to next stage, starting on 7 June!

SBDC and CDC have both voted to pass the draft Local Plan on to "public consultation" stage, anticipated to start around 7th June for 6 weeks. Consultation responses will be sent to the planning inspector.

Click on the video below to see what is in prospect for our town.



Save Our Green Belt - Call to Action Leaflet front - to download/share Click here
Save Our Green Belt - Call to Action Leaflet back - to download/share Click here

  • Latest slightly larger Option 9 area from the draft Local Plan- note the amended section nearest to jct 2 - close to Harrias House Click here
  • Draft Local Plan includes retail allocation on Altons car park. Click here
  • Draft Local Plan shows Jordans Village to be removed from green belt Click here
  • Draft Local Plan shows Penn village designated an "infilling village". Click here
  • Draft Local Plan shows Mercedes showroom site and Altons/Burkes Rd/Gregories Rd site earmarked for a supermarket Click here
  • Beaconsfield green belt impact set out in Draft Local Plan Click here 
  • and more set out in Draft Local Plan                               Click here
  • Beaconsfield bears the brunt - allocated the biggest development by far in South Bucks and Chiltern Click here
  • Latest timetable as at April 2019. Public consultation set to run for 6 weeks from 7th June 2019. Click here
  • Relief road works- not expected to be finished until the 99th home is built, estimated 2021Click here
  • and look at the traffic today! Click here 
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