Speak with Impact - Public Speaking Workshop
29th October 2019
19:30- 21:00
Your ability or inability to speak, sell or convince others affects every area of your life.
No matter what your title or position is in life, or what your role is in a company or on a team, you will at some point have to convince others of something.
Why not learn how to do it with impact?
Aditya Maheswaran is an international keynote speaker, a prize winner in the World Championship of Public Speaking and a thought leader in behavioural psychology.
Aditya will be covering specific methods to help make a lasting impact when speaking in public.
This is a special event where Chiltern Speakers, a leading local Toastmasters club is opening its doors to the general public.
So whether you speak regularly or occasionally or just want to start you will leave this meeting with tools to help you immediately.
Remember every day, every person on this planet wants to convince someone of something.
Do you want to be better?


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