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The Beaconsfield Society has a Social Media presence on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us at:

Facebook: BeaconsfieldNow   Twitter: @TheBecSoc   Instagram: thebecsoc

The Beaconsfield Society started this in response to requests from the town in the original Vision for Beaconsfield Project. The plan is always to promote local issues, encourage engagement and get people talking in the town. This necessitated the need for some boring editorial policy work but we did this so we had an anchor point for the future controls of the page.

We encourage open debate and we post opinions formed at the Committee of the Society in line with our objectives for the page and constitution. We like people to feel free to express their views and to debate town issues - this does mean that everyone then picks up some responsibility for their comments and, as with all discourse, we encourage everyone to be courteous and polite throughout. The common decency you expect in your everyday life applies to the online world too as we think all understand. So feel free to express your views - be prepared to be challenged and throughout remain constrained and sensible with your comments please.

We have an editorial board responsible for monitoring usage and administering BeaconsfieldNow! on line sites. This board meets to review the editorial policy in the light of practical experience. Our policies can be viewed here: 

Editorial policy

Trolling policy

Photography policy


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