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New Beeches Park Green Belt Plans

Portman Estate’s  previous planning application for 450 homes and retail on the Green Belt fields between Amersham Road and the new A355 relief road was refused and turned down at Appeal by the Planning Inspector. This is the site location (golf club on the right):

Portman are preparing a new planning application for this Green Belt site which they intend to submit to Bucks Council later this year. Meanwhile, they are holding a public exhibition at the Curzon Centre on 11th June between 1.30pm – 4pm and 5pm – 7pm and also carrying out a survey. You can read about their plans and reply to their “design survey” on the Catesby Estates website:
As we have demonstrated at our recent public meetings on the Town Council’s emerging bad Neighbourhood Plan, there is nothing in the Plan which adds protection to the town’s green space. In fact, quite the opposite is true; the Neighbourhood Plan makes Green Belt development MORE LIKELY as developers can use it to improve the planning balance in their favour.
We have requested an urgent meeting with the Town Councillors responsible for the Plan and the Town Council’s Project Manager all of whom are promoting the bad Neighbourhood Plan and we continue to call for the Plan to be withdrawn and improved. It is simply not fit for purpose and leaves our Green Belt exposed. The developers have no concerns over the Neighbourhood Plan policies whatsoever, contrary to what the Town Council has alleged.

Get ready to VOTE NO in the public referendum when it is announced.

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