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The Society has embarked on an exciting project designed to allow residents and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful market town that is Beaconsfield, we are delighted to have secured funding from Bucks County Council through the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum.

But we need your help if you are a keen, or not so keen, walker or runner on the streets, paths and open spaces in HP9. Your four legged friends will be welcome as well! 

We have researched six short and six longer routes from focal points in Beaconsfield and are looking for volunteers to test these routes, see all paths are clear, suggest  signposting and, dare I say it, highlight where a good tidy up would improve the overall experience! Could you help? To register your interested Click here 

“Enjoy Beaconsfield” - Thought paper for discussion


Our web survey shows 89% of respondents agree Beaconsfield is a great place to live, BUT… we don’t have a park and unlikely to any time soon, leisure facilities in the Town are few and far between, we are in leafy Beaconsfield but few recognised ways to enjoy the surrounding countryside.

There is a general lack of awareness of many of the open spaces in and around.


To fix this with a multi-facetted, multi-organisational, phased approach.

Project Outline

Various steps in a phased approach:

Garner support from other groups e.g. Chilterns Society, National Trust, Local Government, Cycle Action Group, Sports clubs and venues, dog walkers, cyclists, volunteers.

Priorities to be addressed in PHASE 1 is walks. To follow cycles, where to go, what to join

Fact find with research and calls for information

Distill key topic information in priority sequence

Produce compelling collateral, test it and refine

Identify improved experience

Act as catalyst to encourage third parties to act e.g. clear overgrown paths, signage etc

Seek funding support for production costs and marketing from local businesses featured


Build the “Enjoy Beaconsfield” brand through multiple channels

… and above all Enjoy Beaconsfield!

Example Discoveries

Walks from Beaconsfield Old and New Towns to local landmarks or destinations

Family cycle routes from Beaconsfield

List of sports and leisure venues in 6 mile radius

Sports clubs in Beaconsfield

Maintenance schedule for paths and open spaces

Schedule for improvements in waymarking and signposting

Example Deliverables

PHASE 1 (this request for LAF funding)

Display map of leisure routes to Enjoy Beaconsfield and Hand out of same for walks

LATER PHASES subject to success of PHASES 1 (further LAF requests 2020 onwards)

Work party opportunities for those wanting to put a bit back into the Town.

Hand out of same for cycling

MJE 21/2/2018


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