SBDC Beaconsfield "Option 9"



Option 9 is a large area of Green Belt on the east side of the town and includes, but is far bigger than, Wilton Park. SBDC are threatening to release this land from the protection of Green Belt status. If released from Green Belt, it will be developed, potentially increasing the size of the town by one third. This is the Option 9 land:



Following 2 public consultations, the SBDC interim position is that Option 9 is "likely" to be released from Green Belt. This land is under a very severe threat of massive development. SBDC have it potentially earmarked for 1,500-1,700 homes plus offices/commercial development (which could include warehousing, a logistics depot, light industrial buildings and retail) and even a site for travellers is included in SBDC's planning.

The SBDC's evidence base work is not yet complete, for example "refined transport modelling is continuing" and a "viability assessment" is underway. SBDC are also still considering whether any ADDITIONAL Green Belt land should be released. The various landowners of the Green Belt in Beaconsfield are lobbying SBDC for their Green Belt land to be released for development, and together they own an even bigger area than Option 9.

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